Sunday, 31 July 2016

Won and Lost?

The failure of not having a PM from the Vote Leave camp flies in the face of democracy and could be a disaster for us thanks to that Worsal Gummage character Boris Johnson. His comic character combined with his work effort would have fooled anybody, let alone us and his fellow Brexiteers. He had us all believing he had abandoned the Vote Remain camp and that aside about seeing an out vote only as a means to go back to the EU for a better deal, how wrong we were. He convinced 17m of us Vote Leave supporters and I believe his fellow Brexiteers that he was 100% behind the campaign and would be standing for election if Vote Leave won. I see no other explanation why the only other creditable candidate M. Gove should have kept ruling himself out during the campaign and then at the last minute had to put himself forward after realising like us he had been duped. By standing down Boris handed Vote Remain the crown and the power to send the true Bexiteers to the guillotine, and for it he has been rewarded with his dream job of Foreign Secretary. It appears the “All For one, one for all” cry of the musketeers didn’t apply to the Brexiteers, just the opposite in fact.

 With the Labour party split widening, in one way it would have been a catastrophe if it had happened to the Tories, but if the new PM thinks she can fudge an EU deal she can expect a rebellion. The one thing to be thankful for is that she is of English stock and did not go north of the border like the last one did to quote her Scottish credentials. She chose instead to show a bit of the British Bulldog spirit and put a muzzle on that yapping Scottish Terrier, informing her no doubt that Scotland is still part of the United Kingdom and subject to the laws of UK devolution, and as such Scotland has no legal right to go it alone in deciding the British constitution.

 Brexit, the result of the referendum, must mean Brexit; it is the last chance we have of taking any steps to save our islands and England’s unity. While we are in the EU its open border, multicultural and regional policies will continue to drive our four nations apart, and let’s not forget; unlike our other three nations England does not have the protection of a parliament to defend its nation’s homeland assets and cultural identity. The English votes for English Laws policy being pushed by the previous Cameron government was and is not good enough to defend England’s unity against the divide and rule regional policies. England is the homeland of the English just as much as Scotland is the homeland of the Scots and it must be given a parliament to recognise that fact. Our laws and culture must be paramount like theirs is, and every foreigner intending to settle here should be made aware of that fact through our education system. Why should Scotland and Wales be allowed to use a system of integration while England suffers from multicultural disintegration? The prospect of which could see England being balkanised into separate cultural regions which always ends in catastrophe. We should be shouting from the roof tops that we have had enough of this and this political correct clap trap that is making us bow down to foreign domination, it is the betrayal of all who died and fought for England since time immemorial, and our fathers killed in the last two world wars, some buried in cemeteries over seas in countries were their families can not afford to visit. Let’s not forget too that all these people that are coming here have their cultures being sustained in other parts of the world you don’t. If Brexit means Brexit we should recreate a New Federal Britain, one that gives equality and recognition to all four nations or five if Southern Ireland decided to join in.

 PS If you don’t think England is being taken for a ride by the Labour Party because it doesn’t have its own parliament please consider this; When G. Brown was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, we had a person that had been elected an MP by the people of Scotland only, a country that already had its own separate parliament full of MSPs. The English could neither vote for him or against him, and all the while he was in office he was passing laws on England that did not apply and he could not pass onto the people and country that elected him. Besides which he and his fellow Scots had signed on oath, a declaration that said they would put Scotland’s interests before that of any other nation, which still applies today.

 This English hating Labour party now proposes to try and stick the knife in the English again, only this time using a Welshman by the name of Owen Smith who they have selected to oust J. Corbyn. This is another person from another country with its own parliament, another person not accountable to one English voter, another person who will take pleasure in passing laws on us English that will not apply to his own people that elected him. Just how far we are going to let these English hating MPs go before we get them deselected and thrown out. We need an English parliament now; by accepting and promoting a British identity we have connived in a plot to destroy ourselves.

Monday, 11 July 2016

The Pantomime goes on

How many more Acts and Scenes are there going to be in this House of Commons pantomime, it appears the plot thickens every week as more and more MPs join the cast and are eager to show off there newly acquired acting ability, or lack of it depending on your view. With Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland politics still holding sway at PM’s Question Time, in the back ground we are seeing adventures into Game of Thrones, House of Cards and William Shakespeare, all round, it appears to be taking the shape of a plot designed for Midsomer Murders. The Cameron Cuckoo has been the first to get the chop, after being the first PM for 20 years to be elected the leader of a true Conservative government he has lasted for just 1 year, perhaps he should have listened to and not ignored the Swivel Eyed Loons that he was told supported him. Like the Cuckoo he came to the fore in April, with the air and grace of an Arthur Daley type second hand car salesman making outrageous claims on the referendum, sings the song in May and plays the same tune in the middle of June and then when it all goes wrong he’s flying away. Meanwhile the Corbyn Mad Hatter elected to office by its party members only 12 months ago now finds its self at odds with its party’s elected parliamentary MPs who have given it a vote of no confidence. These MPs are supported no less by the Cuckoo, who after booking his own flight out tells parliament he wants the Mad Hatter to join him, presumably for a trip to Fantasy Island. Let’s hope they take a lot of their own ilk of useless depressing decrepit fear mongering MPs with them and follow the path of that famous Oozium bird, so that the country can begin to regain a much needed confidence. Unfortunately that is not the end of the pantomime as the scene now moves to the campaign itself and how things panned out. Throughout the campaign the conservatives were constantly stressing how their party would still be united with their Brexiteers after the referendum, which makes you wonder. Since the majority of the leaders of the Leave campaign were conservatives and almost all are now supporting a remainer for PM, could these people have been part of a Tory plot to stop UKIP taking the prominent position of opposition. If they did then unfortunately the result still went badly wrong for the remainers because the main players forgot to tell their wives of the plot, and when they got involved things turned rather nasty and personal and some of the actors were then forced to take their parts seriously. The result of the referendum has proved the old saying; you can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. Even after spending billions of pounds over the last 20 years denying the existence of our nation, and even though these none patriots tried to rig the vote by extending the voting deadline, and even though they spent £9million of public money on propaganda leaflets, called on the support some think through blackmail of big business and wealthy organisations, have infested not only the House of Commons but every public and political institution in England, and even though they try to transform our homeland into taking on the mantle of a British colony, English common sense proved too much and democracy won the day, or as it. After the constant reference being made by Vote Remain during the referendum that anybody voting for Brexit was thick, and referred to by the derogatory term “Little Englander” it is surely now obvious to the English or at least it should be that over 75% of the present HOC has no respect for you or your nation. These people have always been in denial of the democratic right of the English to have to their own parliament, and they must now be full of venom that England has not given them the result they wanted. We must not count our chickens before they are hatched, if you are English and a member of the conservative party I urge you to think carefully before casting your vote, and remember, until Article 50 is signed by the PM the uncertainty of direction could bring about the calamity the remainers forecast and give them the excuse to try and change the result.

Sunday, 29 May 2016



Monday, 4 April 2016

It's a Full House

It is interesting to note that in Korea and Japan a Turkey is seen to be a bird of more than one face, and this is reflected in the names they have given it, a Chilmyeonjo and Shichimencho respectively. This description could easily apply to the majority of MPs in our parliament who continually show one face to the public when they are trying to get elected and another when they have been. It goes without saying that if Turkeys got the vote they wouldn’t vote for Christmas, so it comes as no surprise when the chancellor looked for cuts for his budget he looked everywhere else except in the Turkey coop. Perhaps he should remember that there is a stocking density for Turkeys and it is an issue when it comes to their welfare, over stocking leads to aggressive behaviour and violent encounters.

Ever since implementing the requirements of EU regional policies in 1998 we have seen an explosion in the government of the United Kingdom and the cost must now be enormous to what it was prior to devolution. We now have four separate parliaments were once we had only one, all full of MPs of every description and all supported with increases in their own civil services, and all being paid huge amounts of money, yet we have seen no reduction of MPs in the British Parliament to match. The Turkey Farm has been growing and it’s been growing at England’s expense, and while the Turkeys are getting fat the English pheasants are queuing at food banks, and all the time the old and disabled wondering how long it will be before the Turkeys stop them getting there by removing their bus passes and benefits.

Joining the EU has been catastrophic for the English, economically, politically, and culturally, for now the English have to subsidise the upkeep of not only all of these extra national parliaments at home, but also those of less well off countries in the EU. At the same time the English are being denied a national parliament of their own which is allowing the British to downgrade their nation to immigrant status in their own homeland. In order to save British power and the jobs of British MPs that would have to be lost if England gained a parliament, the government supported by EU policies of multiculturalism is trying to destroy England’s unified state with the creation of British multicultural regions. It is now seen has a terrible sin if any area across England is predominantly English, and school teachers are being encouraged to downgrade the teaching of English culture and values as the country gradually takes up the appearance of a European colony.

UK’s three other nations have their own MPs and representatives to defend their culture, and successive governments have hived off responsibility for their domestic affairs to them. Besides there being no reduction in British MPs in the UK parliament there has been no reduction in their salaries either, on the contrary they have been given increases far above the national average and now have so much less to do and more time to do it that they are getting bored, so now take longer holidays and other jobs. The best fed Turkeys are the British MPs elected from the devolved nations to serve in the UK parliament, these people have even less to do and can spend their time plotting against England and looking after their own nation’s interest. They have hardly if any constituent responsibility because that has been passed to an MP in their own country’s parliament, yet the British government is paying these MPs the same money as those elected by us in England who have.

When did you last here of any British MP we elected complaining, or complaining about the fact that we in England can’t chose them, elect them or get rid of them, and can like recently vote against England, this time to stop the control of Sunday trading rules being passed to our local councils. The only complaints we here from most of those British MPs who are supposed to be representing England are complaints about the introduction of the English votes for English Law policy which they say creates two types of MP, why they think we don’t have that now shows how much our education standards have fallen.

It is a serious matter when over 40% of the work previously done by the UK parliament has been passed to the minor nations and there has not been a major cut in British MPs or their salaries. Besides losing this work the UK parliament has also lost at the lowest estimate 50% of its law making powers to the EU, most of which are now introduced by ministers with little or no parliamentary debate. Why too are the Turkeys being allowed to keep increasing the numbers of people in the House of Lords next door, and being allowed to continue using it as a retirement home for their friends and family, both from here and abroad, it’s diminishing the house impartiality? Not to mention another created load of MEPs who swan off on day trips to Europe everyday at our expense, pretending they are defending UK interests, for sure they don’t even pretend they are making an attempt to defend England’s. No wonder the majority of British MPs want to remain in the EU, under EU management they have never had it so good, and if its left to them it wont be long before they use the EU multicultural policies to create another lot of little regional Turkey farm parliaments across England, which rather than increasing democracy diminishes it. When they say we are all in it together they are talking to their like, they are not talking about the publics suffering under austerity, they are talking about the EU gravy train they are all taking part in.

There needs a major constitutional change in the UK and it’s not one that should be left to an undemocratic EU.

                                                               J. Stanhope  

                               West Midlands Campaign for an English Parliament

Saturday, 5 March 2016

A Reformed United Kingdom

                                       A Reformed United Kingdom
                           The Lies and Deceit of a Reformed European Union

On the 3rd of September 1939 the last time there was a serious threat to so much of England’s sovereignty from a European power; MP Mr. L.S. Amery stood up in the House of Commons and said “SPEAK FOR ENGLAND” Prime Minister.

 How different the House of Commons now, the British have given away so much power to the EU their MPs have been able to take up acting careers, and getting very good at it too unfortunately. Even Prime Ministers question time is now akin to a scene from a Walt Disney pantomime, full of characters who would qualify for the Monster Raving Loony party, and all taking our money and pretending they still make our laws of government. With one side of the House in Wonderland and the other in cuckoo land, no wonder everybody is confused on Europe and can’t make head or tail of what’s going on, and that’s the whole point. In the latest scene of this pantomime the Cuckoo has found out it’s his supporters known as the “Swivel-Eyed Loons” who are responsible for him and his party getting elected, so he tells his ministers to ignore them as he intends making them all redundant. Meanwhile with the country’s independence on a knife edge and whole of Europe in chaos and about to explode, the Mad Hatter decides to miss his party’s campaign on Europe day to attend a CND rally. Before this Tea Party atmosphere on the EU referendum gets out of hand and the rest of the Cuckoo’s ministers leave the nest, I think the Mad Hatter should pull the Rabbit out of the hat and put Alice’s question to the Cuckoo. (“ I have a question here from Alice in Wonderland, she would like to know if before you fly away in June would you allow anybody in the House to “Speak for England”)

These none patriots over the years have infested not only the House of Commons but every public and political institution in England. They are continually using their positions of power to brainwash us and our children into a multicultural EU ideology, with the intent of concealing the true intensions of what is becoming a German dominated Europe. With lies and deceit of euro scepticism these people have gained our support to get elected to positions in high office, even to become leaders of political parties and win general elections. It is only now when the survival of our nation’s sovereignty rests on a knife edge, we are becoming aware that behind this mask of scepticism lurk the Europhile soldiers of a Brussels front. A Europe built on lies and deceit will be recognised no matter how many spies, spy cameras and guardianistas they have to protect it, and it will not last. With their give up a little freedom for a little security policies too, it makes you wonder if an attempt is being made by these people to turn England into a European open prison.

We must act in our own interests and must ignore all the lies and scaremongering that is about to come from these people who want to destroy our nation.
A vote to leave will give us back our freedom, our democracy, our independence, our ability to act in our best interests and live again by the laws we create, not laws forced upon us against our will by an undemocratic foreign power. Are the English young and old today going to throw away all of the sacrifices made by their ancestors since time immemorial, more than a million in the last two world wars alone, for and in defence of that freedom and democracy, as it all been in vain. David Cameron says the young should tell their grannies to vote to stay in, I say their grannies should tell the young the constitutional history of the English that is being denied them, and they would not need to tell them to vote leave they would be fighting to get to the ballot box.

There is going to be no reformed European Union, there can’t be, because all of the treaties and laws being signed up to are needed to succeed in the ultimate aim of the EU of becoming a one nation state. A vote to remain will lead to the UK having to put its opt outs of the four most important areas in which we now have a veto to majority voting, and I can’t see the rest of Europe agreeing that we keep them. I can’t see a British government either of any of the main political parties agreeing to give us another referendum, so this will be the last chance the English have of saving their nation. The four opt outs to be handed over to Brussels control will be;

(1)   Schengen – open borders, asylum, immigration
(2)   Economic and Monetary Union  the EURO
(3)   Charter of Fundamental Rights
(4)   Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

If the British want to hang on to these opt outs and don’t want to be part of the one state European project like they say, then why is PM David Cameron leading the remain to stay in campaign, is he not telling us the truth or is he truly Cuckoo. Surely if we want a Common Market existence with the EU we should vote to leave and negotiate one. (No there is no reformed EU)

If David Cameron believed that the United Kingdom faced Armageddon, the impression he gives if we vote to leave the EU, it beggars the question why he gave the referendum in the first place unless he truly is Cuckoo. (No he didn’t have to)

 How much better if we vote to leave, regain our democracy, and in the interim period of leaving we set about making plans for a reformed United Kingdom of the four nation states. Each having their own separate parliaments of equal powers, (the English remaining in London) set up in system agreeable to all. Maybe consider a new British Parliament built for the twenty first century in the North, with a new international airport and transport system, to really make an area north of the Watford gap the power house the Conservatives keep talking about.

Not long ago we saw the Scots waving their claim of right, the English need to start waving a claim of right of their own, demand their own parliament and stop Europe turning England their homeland into a European colony now before it is to late.

                                                                                          J. Stanhope

Sunday, 20 September 2015


From time to time especially in times of crisis we have had to consider regional government of the U.K. but not one of these schemes involved the national government giving up its responsibility for governing the country, and no one could ever have envisaged a government  surrendering that responsibility voluntarily to a foreign power. This has been happening in ever increasing proportions since Devolution 1998 because of the support given by the entire main stream political parties to the implementation of EU regional policies, which they know if followed through to their conclusion will see the break up of our nation state. The introduction of regional devolution and its effect on national government is seen more prominently when it is pointed out that Scotland and Wales although nations within the UK are in fact recognised regions of the EU, and because of this it’s Brussels, not the UK government that decides and rules over 80% of the laws on which their government base their domestic policies. These Laws and rules allow our regions to introduce policies of discrimination against one another at home in the UK but not against other regions outside in Europe, imagine England balkanised into the suggested EU regions without an English parliament to protect it, it will be game set and match to Europe and goodbye to England’s unity forever as regions fight each other to establish their own identities, a text book case for divide and rule within the United Kingdom. The truth is not being told, these EU laws do apply equally to England’s local government, and you can’t assume anymore that those applying and managing England’s laws are still making them, they are not, and they can’t bend them either for fear of enormous law suits and fines from the EU. These laws are so rigid that they are being rubber stamped into law by UK government ministers using Enabling Acts and Statutory Instruments, and since they may not under any circumstances be changed, amended, altered, or repealed in any way, so they get very little and most often no debate at all in the UK parliament. Most important is the fact that once power is devolved from national government to regions the power to govern them is passed to the EU, and once devolved to the EU it can not be taken back no more than you can take devolved powers back from Scotland and Wales. England’s regionalisation is a keystone, although it won’t be admitted in the EU’s long term plan to stop us acting as an independent nation. EU official papers make no reference to England at all only the regions of it, and the proposed city regions deceitfully being introduced under the combined authority banner is the first step in doing just that. Devolution / decentralisation within England is not national devolution as granted to Wales and Scotland nor should it be so regarded, England has no parliament and no political recognition neither in the United Kingdom nor the EU. What these protagonists for regionalism fail to tell the public is that what they are proposing for England is going to take the country back more than a thousand years to a time of England’s dismemberment, and internal conflict. Devolution in reality has come to mean the power to administer according to strict directives and laws, most of which are decided and enforced by the EU and it will be the responsibility of city mayors to see that these are adhered to, and if local businesses think they can get preferential treatment they should think again because they can’t. Europhiles want to create these regions ASAP before England wakes up and starts demanding its own parliament to defend itself, because they know if they can be established before March 2017 when the UK government loses its veto over 43 of the most important areas of self government to Qualified Majority Voting (we are in the transition period of the Lisbon Treaty which started from 1st November 2014) then it will be almost impossible whatever government gets in to disband them. We need an EP. ASAP not regions and will David Cameron call the referendum before March 2017? It should include a vote for an English Parliament.
J.Stanhope.                                                                                                                                                                          West Mid Campaign for an English Parliament

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Scots starting to rattle a few cages


While media attention has been focused on Greece and the budget little attention has been given to the arrival in the House of Commons of the Scottish National Party. Free from the pressure and power of British party whips, the Scots are already starting to rattle the cages of the establishment, and it will soon become obvious if it has not already that the Scots will only be British when it suits them.
 The British must have known when they gave Scotland a devolved parliament in 1998 they were violating the ‘All for one, one for all, One Nation, One Parliament’, basic principle of the Union, yet they put their heads in the sand to its consequences. They have been lucky to avoid these consequences since devolution only because of the power the British political party’s have held in Scotland.
 Now that British power in Scotland is in the hands of the nationalists the Scottish pigeons can truly come home to roost, and from what we have seen so far they are clearly not going to sit back quietly and feast on the gifts of the referendum. The Scots have done the English a favour here and exposed how the democratic imbalance of devolution is enabling all of the national parliaments, not just Scotland; to interfere in English domestic affairs, and much of the time it can be seen to be to their own country’s advantage, hence the proposal by the Conservative party to introduce an ‘English Votes for English Laws’ (EVEL) policy in the House of Commons.
The one thing outstanding from the debates so far in the HOC on this policy is that EVEL is going to be unworkable unless the three nations, Scotland in particular play ball.
 The democratic imbalance in Britain goes far beyond the introduction of EVEL and the denial of a parliament for England; it is a systematic attempt to write England out of the political story. Without a parliament England has no political voice.
 Despite having these parliaments Scotland, Wales, and N. Ireland still retain ministers in the cabinet, and each has a separate select committee, grand committee, and BBC TV station, all solely dedicated to their own affairs. Lets not forget either a tax funded grant given to these nations based on an outdated formula called Barnett that gives Scotland 10.66% Wales 6.02% and N.Ireland 2.87% of any money the British spend on England; at present gifting Scotland alone an amount equiverlent to over £1600 per head of population more than England. What can England do about it? nothing, What does England have? absolutely nothing, and the ‘Better Together’ British cabal that only twelve months ago fought to keep Scotland in the Union are now promoting a ‘Better in Bits’ policy on England, and instead of backing this up by recognising England and its nation with a parliament they are trying to introduce an EVEL policy on the HOC that if nothing else admits that the UK parliament is now not fit for purpose. 
                                                                J. Stanhope
                                                            West Midlands
                                         Campaign for an English Parliament